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  1. Remove This Item Recommended Chess Board Size: 3.0'' inch / 7.6 cm
Recommended Chess Board Size
  1. 1.75'' inch / 4.45 cm (13)
  2. 1.875'' inch / 4.8cm (22)
  3. 2.0'' inch / 5.1cm (22)
  4. 2.25'' inch Squares / 5.7 cm (92)
  5. 2.375'' inch / 6.0 cm (85)
  6. 2.5'' inch / 6.4 cm (98)
  7. 2.75'' inch / 7.0 cm (2)
  8. 3.0'' inch / 7.6 cm (0)

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Chess Sets

Browse the unmatched selection of chess sets and find the one you are looking for today! Are you looking for a higher end luxury set? Or maybe your budget only allows for a cheaper wooden or travel set? Whatever the case may be you can find what you’re looking for. There are a variety of chess sets offered including wooden chess sets, luxury wooden sets, travel sets, plastic sets, box sets, themed sets, club chess sets and tournament chess sets. These chess sets all include chessmen, a chessboard, and a chess box. If you can’t find the the specific set you are looking for there is an option to create your own. With the Design Your Own Complete Chess Combo, it gives you the ability to create the Chess Combo that is perfect for you. You can select which chess pieces, board and bag you want.

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